Is It Okay To Eat From A Restaurant Once Every Week?

Is It Okay To Eat From A Restaurant Once Every Week?


A question that must have passed all of us at least once is if eating fast food or from a restaurant affect your health? We’re pretty sure that a majority if not more than 75% of all of you reading this must eat fast food at least once every week.

To answer this question in short (note, read the following if you only want the essence of this article); it is perfectly fine to eat fast food every week provided the diet you have during the rest of the week must be alright.

We have an individual who eats fast food every week. He thinks its perfectly fine since it’s only once a week. He takes pride in his pseudo-healthy lifestyle and even proceeds to order the salads from a fast food menu.


They definitely know about how fast food only lifestyle can cause a

plethora of health complication and diseases, but hey… They only have it a day every week.

And hence in this vicious cycle, both the customer as well as the fast food joint is well satisfied, with the fast-food workers even more due to the fact that their “healthy alternative” is doing oh so well.

“I only occasionally go outside to eat… I only go outside a couple of times to eat… I eat outside, yes.”

Once is a week is currently occasionally. But you start going to them even more frequently now. Only for a shake, only for a plate of fries. Only for a salad, so it’s fine. You also splurge on the day that you normally eat.

A shake here and a fries there slowly turns to a burger here and a combo there.

Eventually, occasionally becomes almost every other night.

Here is where the problem lies. The once-every-week burger is only good if you have the support of a healthy diet in all of the other days.

But there is a solution to this problem. Since our taste buds have the capability of being reprogrammed, you can always switch to foods that you do not like so that it learns to adapt. After a while, you will start developing a natural hatred towards eating fast food even if it only occasionally.

As with anything, cold turkey is indeed the best option. As to when you would want to start, why not choose now? After all, the faster you decide, the faster you achieve the goal.

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