10 Mouth-watering Seafood Dishes You Have To Try!

10 Mouth-watering Seafood Dishes You Have To Try!

  1. Baked Lemon & Pepper Salmon-

This is a seafood dish made using Salmon Fish flavored with some lemon and pepper.  The salmon is baked and utilizes a lot of fresh lemon juices and black pepper to make it succulent and spicy. In addition to that, you also need to add a little mustard, mayo, and yellow miso paste. Ensure you don’t over bake the salmon as the meat is required to be tender, flaky and moist.

  1. Crab Cakes-

Crab in itself is a delicacy in many places. Crab cake, in particular, is a mouth-watering rendition of the regular crab meat to spice things up a little and get away from the daily crab curry and other dishes. These cakes are made to look like cutlets and have almost no other filling except fleshy chunks of crab meat.

  1. Grilled Halibut served with Peach and Pepper Salsa-

The Halibut fish is a fish lovers paradise, loved for its firm texture, accessibility and flaky white meat. This treat is complete only when it is paired with the tasty and fresh sweet and spicy salsa sauce made from peach and pepper.

Grilled Halibut served with Peach and Pepper Salsa

  1. Fisherman’s Pie-

The fisherman’s pie is a seafood dish that is topped off by a  perfectly browned crust of buttery mashed potatoes. Beneath the mashed potatoes lie, flaky cod mingles along with baby spinach topped with garlic and lemon-scented white sauce.

  1. Fish Tacos paired with Lime-Cilantro Crema-

This is a flaky white fish dish combined with crunchy cabbage and smoky cumin. This dish has Latin roots, and thereby it is ensured that the crema used is a fresh and creamy sauce that is perfect to help cool off the smoky spiced snapper.


  1. Sea Bass a la Michele-

This is the dish of the masses. It consists of thick fish fillets that are coated using a highly seasoned vinaigrette made of sherry wine and smoked paprika and baked on top of a lukewarm potato salad. Squeeze over a little lemon juice and also add some chopped oregano or parsley to get the dish ready to serve.

  1. Sesame-Crusted Tuna with Wasabi-Ponzu Sauce-

This for a change is an Asian dish. The dish utilizes many Asian ingredients like wasabi, sesame seeds, and ginger to give the dish some intense and unique flavors.  The recipe is required to use fresh tuna, and the best-recommended tuna is the Yellowfin Tuna steak as they are less fatty.


  1. Mussels cooked in Tomato-Wine Broth-

This dish is an international favorite on the menu. It is made of steam mussels that are placed in a savory broth of tomato and wine. This dish is had along with some plain toasted bread that is dipped into the broth.

  1. Crab Cakes along with Spicy Rémoulade-

This is another variant of the famous crab cake. This one is a Maryland original. The dish consists of some delicious and juicy crab meat, combines with crunchy panko and crispy peppers and onions that are the secret ingredient of this beautiful dish.

  1. Lemony Scallops with Angel Hair Pasta-

This is an extremely delicate dish that tastes so wonderful with just a touch of lemon juice along with the tenderly  sauteed scallops. The Scallops are served with a crusty whole grain bread.

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